Cloud Potatoes

These potatoes are like eating clouds.

Cloud Potatoes

  • Servings: 2 large pots

They are always a hit and people often ask for the recipe. The name says it all - these mashed potatoes are as light and fluffy as clouds. They make a unique twist on standard mashed potatoes, becoming so ethereally smooth that they live up to their name. People always request the recipe after trying these dreamy spuds, which are sure to be a hit at any dinner. Cloud Potatoes are a heavenly side dish that will have your guests floating on cloud nine. This recipe was passed down from a mysterious source, and has been a crowd favorite ever since. The secret to their cloud-like texture is a combination of cream cheese and mayo, whipped to perfection.


  • Yellow potatoes (leave the peels on and cube them)
  • Mayo
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1 block cream cheese
  • Butter (unsalted)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • White pepper
  • Optional: Bacon bits or chives


  • Cube the potatoes (wash them first!). Add them to a pot.
  • In the pot, add about 2 cups chicken broth and about a teaspoon of salt. Boil until cooked (about 10-15 min).
  • Once boiled, drain (save about 1/2 cup of the cooking liquid).
  • Put the potatoes back in the pot (not on the stove) and add some salt, and white pepper to taste. Mash them with a potato masher until broken up.
  • Get your hand mixer out (you really do need one for this recipe). To the potatoes, add some chicken stock (maybe 1/2 of cup) and whip them for about 30 seconds.
  • Then add the cream cheese (1 block) and mayo (maybe 3/4 cup). Whip again until smooth.
  • Optional: Add bacon bits, or chives for something extra.

  • Remember to save some of the cooking liquid from the potatoes. It adds a depth of flavor to the final dish. Also, don’t skimp on the whipping process. This is what gives the potatoes their cloud-like texture. Enjoy!